The Sky is on Fire: 100-Degree Days

Ten years ago, photographs like this were astonishing, incredible, and a bit eerie. Today-- well, how does it make you feel in today's real world? It makes me suspicious of why the clouds are formed like that? Why is the sky so bright orange at the upper ring and then normal closer to the earth's surface? Obviously, we are not scientists or weather phenomena experts.

But let's face it, if you're like me, the changing climate is pretty much always on your mind, well, I wish it wasn't but it somehow shows up at least a couple times every day-- not including listening or reading to any news reports.

This kind of worry hits me in the gut. More often, I will find myself biting my nails, and tapping my foot for no apparent reason. These little nervous gestures are what science would label as a neurosis that has developed to deal with a stressor that feels uncontainable and/or uncontrollable. (Again, I am not a scientist, so don't quote me-- but you get the idea.) What am I supposed to do with these little mini-panic moments? A beautiful photograph like this must have taken this professional hours to not only plan and then capture, but then to edit. (Credit: Eclipse V. - The fire arch l by realityDream l @ [link | Copyright © 2008 - Zsolt Zsigmond )

This brings me to my point. Cascadia Stack is working to bring you our first in-person offering.

Climate Grief & Anxiety Support Group #1

The big announcement will come out on September 1st for a mid-Autumn date, to be determined.

Until then. Know that you are not alone. Please call the number 988 to talk to a professional if you need to.

The Sky is on Fire: 100-Degree Days
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