Shipping policy

It is the policy of this site to refer customers to the print provider of which the item in question originates from. Cascadia Stack makes every effort to select vendors with excellent shipping rates and outcomes. Each piece of merchandise that we offer may come from different print providers. These P.O.D. providers are based in the continental US and the shipping rates can be as little as 2 business days and up to 7 business days. We cannot make any guarantees on this policy since Cascadia Stack is not personally responsible for the printing process, the shipping logistical partner, or any external environmental effects. 

If your item does not arrive after 7 business days of placing your order, please contact us at and type in "SHIPPING DELAY" into the subject line. A representative will get back to you shortly.

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Drew Alcoser (they/them) is a recent Portland State University graduate with a Master's Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship. Drew has been immersed in climate advocacy and emergency preparedness learning since 2016. Drew moved to the Pacific Northwest in March 2019 with their wife, 2 cats and a dream to make social change.

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